Fighting Cancer DIY

Treating cancer

holistically at home!

“Doctor’s advice is great, but ultimate responsibility for your personal health decisions and quality of life, YOUR life, lie fully within your control. My goal is to help empower you when cancer comes calling into your life!  Give yourself permission to ask doctors questions, explore all your options, and trust your gut!

Treating cancer holistically is a new Diet Lifestyle!

Be prepared to have more energy, lose weight, feel radiant and alive, as your beautiful body heals!

Why Green Juice

for Cancer?

You’re about to discover why a green juice cancer diet is the cornerstone of my own prostate cancer treatment!

The Cancer Journey Begins-Photo by Keith Cuddeback
"The Cancer Adventure Begins" Photo by Keith Cuddeback

When Cancer Comes Calling

Follow my journey, as I treat my own prostate cancer at home! Getting the cancer diagnosis is scary enough, but the treatment options are even scarier! I might be more open to traditional medicine treating my cancer if it worked better. But, the statistics are abominable and most cancer patients die from the treatments than from the disease!

Wait for it

Here’s how my doctor recently gave me the bad news; “You have advanced prostate cancer. Your PSA has gone up from 20 to 27 so we’ll need to…

Bad Cancer News
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